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The curriculum includes:

Breast Pump Science


This section focuses on really understanding breast pumps, how they are designed to work, and how to interpret data to explore the pumps most common in your practice. 

Comprehensive Flange Sizing


Dive deep into flange sizing in this in-depth course which includes a step-by-step process of effective flange sizing, brandable handouts, and steps to troubleshoot challenges. 

Pumping in Practice


This is where you will take everything you've learned so far and put it into action! Learn how to support pumping parents in a variety of scenarios from occasional to exclusive pumping. 


Also available is our 

Breast Pump Library

Looking for specifics on a particular breast pump? This is where you'll find it! This LIVING library will be updated frequently as new data is gathered and more breast pumps join the current market.  



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Meet your Instructors!

After developing a Breast Pump Vacuum Monitoring System, running over 6000 tests on over 70 breast pumps, and helping thousands of clients pump successfully, these two experts have teamed up to help YOU better serve pumping families. 


Allison Tolman LPN, IBCLC, ICCE


As the owner of New Little Life, Allison works exclusively with mothers who combine breastfeeding and pumping while returning to work. 

With the help of an engineer, Allison developed a device to gather objective data on breast pumps and has enjoyed sharing her expertise with her YouTube audience and the professional lactation community. Allison is also a military spouse and mother of 3 little boys! Living in the US and Europe has helped her gain experience with various cultures and capacities as a birth doula, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant.


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Jessica Anderson, IBCLC


Jessica is an IBCLC and a mom of 3 boys! Breastfeeding was a challenge with each child that drove her to learn more and constantly work to make breastfeeding better for the moms coming next. As a military spouse with roots in moving boxes, Jessica focused on building Genuine Lactation as a fully virtual location-independent practice to support parents wherever and whenever they find themselves in need of support. 

She provides complex pumping support and is especially gifted in flange sizing.  


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I had no idea how much information I DIDN'T know about breast pumps! I feel so much more confident about serving pumping parents. 


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