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Pumping for Lactation Professionals


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We hear you. Lactation Professionals contact us OFTEN asking for help understanding breast pumps, pumping, and keeping up with the ever-changing market.

Allison Tolman LPN, IBCLC (New Little Life)


Jessica Anderson, IBCLC (Genuine Lactation)

are working together using breast pump science to create an extensive curriculum for lactation professionals so you can better serve your pumping clients.

(Estimated enrollment beginning April 2023, CERP's available)




using a custom-built device...

The "Boobie Barometer"

2000+ Nipples Sized


Hundreds of YouTube videos


Thousands of pumping women helped...


And we want this for you too!

What will you learn?

Included in this extensive curriculum will be everything you need to know to assist pumping clients in your lactation practice. 



We aim to look at breast pumps the same way we do breastfeeding, with an objective and complete understanding. 

You will learn the basics of breast pumps (types, terminology, and settings) as well as more advanced insight into pump suction, cycle speeds, and cycle patterns and how these vary between pumps. 


To help you say up to date on the rapidly-changing market of breast pumps, we've created a library of breast pump information, data, and handouts to help you in your practice. 


Jessica Anderson has already created an incredible and detailed course on flange sizing. This will be included in the Pumping for Lactation Professionals full program. 

Flange sizing is an essential part of using a breast pump effectively, and we will cover sizing on all pumping, including wearables. 


Now that you understand breast pumps and the pumps available to you, how do you use this information in your practice? 

We will cover all aspects of working with pumping parents of all varieties so you can confidently help them meet their feeding goals when that includes the use of a breast pump. 


We are here to help make your professional life easier, so we've included many handouts, templates, and EMR suggestions for you to use in addition to your curriculum. 


Start Learning Now


There are many DEEP DIVE videos on breast pumps using data and graphs to explain how these pumps work and the potential benefits and dangers of new-to-market pumps. 


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